Commercial Litigation

Every successful business eventually encounters disputes.

Our experienced team helps businesses reach the best possible result quickly and cost-effectively.

Business is challenging. Both successes and setbacks can result in allegations of breach of contract, tortious interference, breach of fiduciary duty, unfair competition, and myriad other claims. Arete Law Group helps businesses and individuals in technology, manufacturing, professional services, construction, and other industries resolve their disputes. Yet we recognize that trial can be expensive, uncertain, and distracting from pursuit of business goals. We aggressively pursue pretrial resolution through motion practice and strategic negotiated resolution. When necessary, with decades of experience arbitrating and trying cases in state and federal courts, we aggressively pursue a win at trial.

In every business dispute, our lawyers first work with the client to understand the dispute and to identify its goals. We then develop a plan to maximize the business’s opportunity to reach those goals. We work hand-in-hand with the client to identify the most important issues in every dispute and dedicate resources appropriately. While the results of all litigation are uncertain, our lawyers pride themselves in evaluating the risks and benefits of pursuing or defending a claim and advising our clients accordingly.

The lawyers at Arete Law Group are among the best trial lawyers in Seattle. They begin planning for trial from the first day they are hired, and that focus guides every strategic decision throughout a case. They are practical, efficient, and excellent in the courtroom. I highly recommend them.

In-house counsel, Fortune 500 Company