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Arete /əˈret/ 1) excellence of character, virtue, superior ability or skill; prowess 2) a sharp rugged mountain ridge.

Sure-footed legal strategies for complex matters.

Legal matters can be stressful, uncertain, and resource consuming. Our team is dedicated to guiding businesses and individuals through their legal challenges. With decades of experience partnering with clients to find the right path and result, including complex transactions and high stakes litigation when necessary, we bring wisdom and focused strategy to bear when our clients need it most.

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Sometimes determining what doesn’t matter is as important as figuring out what does. The ability to cut to the heart of an issue and get a good result quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal distraction motivates us in every engagement.

Jeremy Roller, Founding Member


Sophisticated legal advocates.

Forward thinking strategists.

We serve as trusted legal counsel to domestic and international corporations, municipal entities, individuals, startups, and growth-stage businesses spanning a range of industries. We are sophisticated, agile legal advocates united by a shared vision of providing forward-thinking, value added counsel. We collaborate with our clients to build and execute tailored strategies that best achieve their goals and protect their resources.

Our practices:

Commercial Litigation

In every business dispute, Arete Law Group aims to reach the best possible result quickly and cost-effectively. Learn More

Construction Law

The increasingly complex nature of commercial construction projects and modern construction claims requires a law firm that can adapt to the changing demands and needs of owners, general contractors, and subcontractors alike. Learn More

Consumer Protection and Antitrust

We represent clients in consumer protection and antitrust matters, providing business counseling, regulatory, and litigation advice for these complex areas of the law.  Learn More

Corporate and Business Transactions

Arete Law Group provides an array of business and transactional legal services, including mergers and acquisitions, venture / angel capital, corporate finance, and commercial agreements. Learn More

Employment and Labor

Arete Law Group guides its clients through a myriad of employment and labor laws and regulations. Learn More

Environmental Litigation

We assist clients with their environmental law needs including litigation, arbitration, mediation and allocation. Learn More

Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual property is a key asset to businesses. Arete Law Group helps its clients protect these assets and defend against other businesses’ allegations of infringement. Learn More

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