Pro Bono Work

Arete Law Group’s professionals provide representation to individuals and organizations on a pro bono basis. We do this work because we all have a responsibility to further the public good, give back to the community, and provide support to those with fewer resources. As legal professionals, we are uniquely situated to use our knowledge and training to help make a difference for the causes and people we believe in.

We support and encourage each other’s pro bono efforts, doing work in leadership and advisor positions with local and national organizations to help forward their missions. We also work with individuals at critical junctures in their lives who cannot otherwise afford the representation they need.

We have surrounded ourselves with outstanding legal professionals whose core value is integrity. Because of this, we are able to offer exceptional legal services to our clients in a different way than other law firms.

Denise Ashbaugh, Founding Member

Recent pro bono engagements include:

  • Freedom of Information Act litigation regarding the treatment of children detained at the United States’ southern border
  • Chiafalo, et al. v. State of Washington litigation regarding the electoral college and the State’s ability to direct the votes of presidential electors.
  • King County neighborhood legal clinics

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